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Fruit of Christ International Church is a Prophetic Charismatic Church raised by God through his servant Prophet Manfred Acheampong. The Church is marked mainly by the manifestation of the Prophetic Anointing, Prevailing and Travailing prayers and Tangible Testimonies from the Children of God.

It is also a Bible believing Church, which teaches sound doctrine from the scriptures and brings Salvation to the entire world. Fruit of Christ International Church makes the power of God visible to men and the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ makes members prepare for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Fruit of Christ International Church

We're a family of believers

” From the parking lot through each element of the service, we carefully create environments that allow people to come as they are and willingly explore your faith in Jesus and trust in God’s Covenant with us.

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1 Church in 6 locations across Ghana

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Apamba - We Serve A Living God
Jul / 2019

Prophetic Festival 2019

Accra, Kwashieman off Mallam Kasoa Road
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Jan / 2020

Altars Breaking 2019

Kwashieman, Accra
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