Madam Ama Krampa came for Wednesday hour of God service in swedru and was given a free Oil by prophet Manfred and she went home to pray with the oil… she said she has been going through very difficult times financially.. all the money she got from her job as a feeding program cooker strangely got lost .. she went for a loan from a bank that also went waste… she had no choice but run to the oil on the life of the prophet. On the 30th of May around 1am as she was praying with the anointing oil she head 3 strange loud noise in her hall when she opened the door she found the man in the picture above sitting in her hall which was closed fully locked. Upon interrogation the man confessed witchcraft… he confessed to attempted several times to take the woman’s life but every time he attacked he saw the anointing oil on her and couldn’t… we give glory to God for His saving power through the anointing oil.